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Childrens Inn at NIH
Gordon and Greenberg is an award-winning, design-oriented architectural firm with a reputation for high quality work. This reputation has been earned over more than 50 years of business practice committed to design excellence, technical expertise and client service.




1960 - 2010

Our fundamental approach to each project: we view each building program with a fresh, imaginative approach, analyze the functions and environment, and strive toward an appealing, coherent building as an expression of its time and context within the given budget. We are cost-conscious designers who work with the premise that we must obtain the maximum efficiency and the most attractive results to meet the owner’s requirements.


The myriad experiences gained in previous projects are brought to bear on each new project. The firm’s extensive experience assures our clients that we’ll design distinctive, functional, and cost-effective buildings.


Our design process is an ongoing dialogue between the client and the architect: a continuous interchange of ideas leading to the best solution to the client’s specific program requirements, budget and schedule. Our principals’ involvement with each project emphasizes our dedication to quality service. We are proud of our many success with many repeat clients over our long history.